12 Wedding Party Concepts According to Zodiac Characters

Everyone may have different wedding dreams and may want something special. If it’s true, it’s normal that you then fantasize about what wedding party is right for you and your partner later. Talking about compatibility, it’s not wrong if the wedding you will hold later is adjusted to the zodiac you have. Well, we have a fun wedding party concept according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries: A happy atmosphere for the bride and invited guests will be a priority
A modern wedding with lots of invited guests will be suitable for Aries who have a high level of happiness. Because of the high sense of happiness they have, it is a good thing for Aries to be able to share happiness not only for them, but for the invited guests as well. That way maybe Aries need to set up savings from now on.

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2. Taurus: Always want to have a graceful and elegant style
The elegant style of Taurus can be a suitable thing to be applied to their wedding party. The classic or elegant style will fit the character of Taurus very well. With that, having a party at home, garden, or hotel feels like the right choice. Don’t forget to add delicious dishes and thicken the elegant feel.

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3. Gemini: The concept of marriage is not rigid and casualness
Gemini, the twins, with characters who like beauty and love to socialize, don’t think it will fit the concept of a marriage that is too formal. A beautiful and not stiff wedding party will be very fitting. Because then his penchant for socializing can be done by casual interaction with the guests. So, a flexible garden party might be the best option.

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4. Cancer: Likes to be alone and enjoys intimate wedding parties
Cancer zodiac has a character who prefers to be alone and so close to family, for that it feels like an intimate wedding party will be very appropriate. You don’t need a lot of invited guests, just your closest family and friends. In addition, his ability to manage money can also be used to make beautiful wedding decorations with DIY.

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5. Leo: Trying to provide the best entertainment in the wedding party
For the perfectionist Leo, marriage is an affair that must be so thought out and made so memorable. Leo, who likes special things, would be perfect for thinking about the best entertainment at his wedding. In addition, a large place and many invited guests are also important to think about.

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6. Virgo: Organized and always prepare every detail
The symbol of the virgin in Virgo describes the elegance it possesses. Her regularity and penchant for partying also complements Virgo’s ability to make the ideal and perfect wedding party. The vintage concept could be the best wedding party for them. Every detail that will be carefully thought out will surely make the invited guests feel so grateful on this happy day.

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7. Libra: Has a high artistic side for the best wedding concept
Libra has a very high artistic side, for that the concept of an artistic wedding would be the best choice for them. Holding a party in a gallery space or an ancient building can be the right choice. Don’t forget to include other elements of art, such as reading poetry or dances that touch the heart.

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8. Scorpio: Generous and want to look luxurious and majestic
The concept of a magnificent wedding will be the choice of Scorpios. His royal attitude will help them to make a lavish wedding party in the building. Elegant concept not to be missed.

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9. Sagitarius: Doesn’t like being lonely and will hold his wedding in an outdoor area
An outdoor party will be the best choice for Sagittarius. This archer who is always cheerful and doesn’t like being lonely will be perfect for holding a wedding in an open space. Another thing that is also suitable for Sagittarius is the combination of bright colors and buffet food so that the atmosphere with the invited guests can be more mingled.

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10. Capricorn: Like traditions and combine with modern nuances
This unyielding forest goat deserves a lavish wedding party from the results of his hard work. Those who tend to like this custom and tradition will be able to combine the nuances of tradition and modern in the wedding party that is held.

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11. Aquarius: A unique wedding will be the right choice for the freedom loving
Presumably Aquarius is someone who is not too close to romance. Because it feels like a unique wedding will be right for them. For example, combining two customs from each bride into one. Not only that, unique and different entertainment also needs to be thought out carefully.

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12. Pisces: Romance leads her to have a wedding party that is so sweet and memorable
For Pisces, the right and best marriage is a wedding with the concept like in a fairy tale, complete with various romances that are served. According to their nature, a warm and intimate wedding will be much more acceptable than any other big wedding. Just invite family and close relatives so that the romantic value is not lost.

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