Keep it Memorable, 8 Simple Kids Birthday Celebration Ideas at Home

Birthday celebrations are usually synonymous with excitement and crowds both with family and friends. Mom and Dad definitely want a memorable birthday celebration for your little one. However, during this COVID-19 pandemic, of course this cannot be done in order to maintain the safety of everyone.

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As an alternative, you can celebrate your little one’s birthday at home. But Mom and Dad don’t worry. Celebrating birthdays at home can also be made memorable. Check out these 8 ideas for celebrating a child’s birthday at home.

1. Do Something Special
Because birthday is a special day for your little one, do special things. Something special can be small things like singing a birthday song and giving birthday wishes to your child in the morning when he wakes up.

Mom and Dad can also allow your little one to do things that are usually not allowed on normal days. For example, your child may have breakfast in bed or may watch cartoons on television longer than usual.

2. Decorate The Room With The Theme of Your Child’s Choice
Celebrating a birthday at home doesn’t mean you can’t make it festive. Mom and Dad can prepare a small birthday party by decorating the family room or the little one’s room according to the theme of their choice, for example the theme of princesses, superheroes, zoos or whatever the little one likes. It’s easy, just print some pictures that match the theme and paste or hang the pictures on walls, tables, and other furniture.

3. A Birthday Party is Not Complete Without a Cake
Cake is one of the most important elements in a birthday party. Mom and Dad can order a cake that matches the theme of your little one’s birthday. It should be noted, birthday cakes don’t have to be fancy either. Mom and Dad can also make their own cake or cupcake for the little one’s birthday.

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4. Dress Up
There’s nothing more fun than wearing a costume at a themed birthday party. Give your little one a favorite character costume from a predetermined theme. To make it even more festive, Mom and Dad can make simple costume props with materials you already have at home.

5. Meet Virtually
Even though you can’t meet extended family and friends in person, that doesn’t mean your little one can’t celebrate with them.

Invite the extended family of Mom and Dad to attend a virtual birthday party via video call service. Mom and Dad can also ask the family to enliven the party by singing birthday songs and giving birthday wishes to the little one.

6. Make a Pinata

To make the little one’s birthday celebration more lively, Mom and Dad can make a pinata for the little one to play in the yard. Pinatas can be made using old cardboard and crepe paper filled with candy, chocolate, and small decorations.

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7. Let Your Little One Choose The Food Menu
Mom and Dad can provide your little one’s favorite food on his birthday or ask what he wants that day. If you order food from outside, don’t forget to do contactless delivery and wash your hands when handling the food.

8. Movie/Game Night
To close the little one’s birthday party, Mom and Dad can hold a movie night by watching your little one’s favorite movies via streaming services available on the internet. Turn off the lights and use the projector to make viewing more exciting. In addition to watching movies, Mom and Dad can also hold a game night by playing cards, board games, or digital games with the little ones.

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